CommitteeManager - the board and committee management system

Plans and Pricing
FeaturesCommitteeManager CommunityCommitteeManager Professional
Meeting Functionality Free Community Basic Active Ultimate
Invite Committee Members Unlimited
Meetings and RSVPs Unlimited
Create an Agenda
Upload and share files (board papers, etc)
Record Minutes
Record and Track Action Items
Vote on Resolutions
Send messages
Annotate Office and PDF Files Online
Invite new members with ease
Dashboard for quick access to outstanding items
Calendar to view all your obligations at a glance
Extra Functions
Upload general data files, strategy papers, etc.
Track Action Items outside of meetings
Send messages outside of meetings
Local server deployment Available
Two Factor Security Available
Strategic Functions
Compliance management
Business Planning - Record and track strategic objectives
Load and track KPIs, Scorecards
Vision, Mission, Values on display
Secure, commercial grade encryption
Fully available on your mobile device or tablet
Manage all your committees from one login
Change plan anytime with no loss of data
Online help and tutorials
Technical User support Email
Training Online Available
Committees 1 3 3 3 10
Data 50MB 500MB 500MB 500MB 1GB
FREE $199 per year $29 / mo. $79 / mo. $249 / mo.
Committees 10 you
Data 1GB choose
$149 / mo. POA

All prices are in Australian dollars, and include GST for Australian customers. Changing plans is calculated pro-rata. Changing to a lower plan will credit your account based upon the time already used. It may not be possible to downgrade to a lower plan if your usage already exceeds the available plans.

The Team at CommitteeManager have worked on delivering a system and a range of plans that cover the full spectrum of users and their requirements. From small users such as school P&C’s who can use a nominally priced product to help manage their work load to full function compliance management for large organisations. We also cover everything in between such as high spec products for small organisations and lighter products for large organisations depending on user requirements.

The team at CommitteeManager also believe our plans are priced exceptionally well compared to our competitors. Our lowest priced plans include all the core functionality and logic required for committee management, not normally available in such well-priced products. Our top end plans for functionality are priced much lower than our competitors. The main reason for this is CommitteeManage is focused on being as efficient as possible and keeping overheads low so we can provide exceptional value to customers. We still offer the ability to customise products so the money you save can be spent provide fit for purpose logic into your system – or, pocket the saving.

Recommended Plans

Local Government Council Meeting Management
Internal Committees
Local Partnership Management
Active / Ultimate
Accounting Firms Client Governance
Internal Governance Committees
Active / Ultimate
Not For Profit Organisations Board Management
Internal Compliance
Active / Ultimate
Credit Unions Board Meetings
Internal Committee Management
Active / Ultimate
Universities Council Management
Internal Committee Management
Active / Ultimate
TAFE Colleges Internal Governance
External partnerships and ventures
Active / Ultimate
Schools P&C Meeting Management
Internal Governance
Basic / Active
Hospitals / Nursing Homes Board / Committee Management Active
Religious Groups Manage Committees / Boards Basic / Active
Project Managers Use as a project management tool Ultimate
Construction Companies Use as a project management tool Ultimate
Companies - All Manage Board Meetings
Manage Sub Committees
Any - depending on complexity
Sporting Organisations Committee Management Basic
Associations Board / Committee Management Basic / Active
Family Businesses / Trusts Board / Committee Management Basic / Active
Large Companies & Organisations
- Financial Services
- Mining
- Oil and Gas
- All
Board/ Committee Management
Joint Ventures
Collaboration activities with other companies
Customised deployment on your local server is available.
Other customisation options also available.