CommitteeManager - the board and committee management system

Execute all your Board and Committee obligations yet remain flexible to deal with real world issues

Meeting management

  • Book your meeting, check member availability, and provide alternative dates to select from. And, you can still change at the last minute.
  • Create your agenda or use a standing agenda template and then get approval if needed.
  • Send notes to other committee members any time.
  • Upload your board papers, which members can then annotate privately (make notes, highlight, draw) and then print or view them during the meeting.
  • You can use the system live during the meeting for your information and notes to record minutes live, or fill everything in at a later time.
  • Record your minutes, post for comments and get them approved.
  • Record votes on resolutions conducted during the meeting.
  • Note any actions arising, recording the task, person responsible, date due and let the system drive the reminders.

Strategic management and oversight

  • Record and track against your strategic organisational goals or your committee plan – record key deliverables and track against them.
  • Enter key reporting dates for automatic reminders on critical items such as government reporting, renewals, and other periodic obligations.
  • Record key committee or organisational sign-off requirements and manage progress, such as audit findings, high risk exposures, litigation and staff issues (anything you would like to keep your board or committee abreast of and monitor/track)

Fulfil your obligations

  • Record any actions that arise outside of meetings, including the task, responsible person and due date.
  • Send notes to other committee members at any time. Not only does this ensure all members are CCd via email, but ensures all the emails regarding a particular committee are automatically stored in the database and readily viewable at any time, even if you delete them from your email.
  • Upload and store relevant data by category, such as important documents that committee members need access to or keep asking your secretary for – your constitution, strategy documents, management reports, government reports, legal contracts and anything else you need.
  • Manage your calendar several months out with an overview of all upcoming items including meetings, approval deadlines, actions due and other critical events.

Manage your membership details

  • Update your details at any time, and these details will flow through to all the committees you participate in.
  • View an up-to-date list of all members of your committees, including their latest contact information.
  • Be assured your correspondence, vote and approvals and recorded forever in our secure database.
  • See all your committee obligations in the dashboard - don't miss another thing!


  • Detailed user manual available on line.
  • Tutorial videos available on line for all functionality.