CommitteeManager - the board and committee management system

"I'd love to help, but I just don't have the time"
-- almost anyone when asked to join a committee.

CommitteeManager for Community groups includes

  • 3 committees
  • 512 MB storage
    • Invite unlimited committee members
    • Unlimited meetings, agendas and minutes

    Small clubs and community groups are the lifeblood of any community.

    Whether it's the School P&C Committee, the Fundraising Committee for your local soccer club, an organic growers market, or a local business society, these groups and thousands of others like them help to bring communities together to build friendships and make a difference in the world.

    But at the same time, getting people involved is hard.

    It's even harder to keep them involved and working together productively. Committee members come and go, often in less than 18 months, and often leaving the remaining committee members jaded, burned out and exhausted.

    The fact is that the people you need to breathe life into your committee are often simply too afraid to step up and get involved.

    • They worry taking on a role will mean giving up what little spare time they do enjoy, instead having to attend a two hour long meeting in a freezing community hall on a Monday night.
    • They worry they won't know what they're doing and will make themselves look foolish to their friends, peers and community.
    • They worry they'll make a huge mistake that damages the reputation of their friends and community, or worse.
    • They worry whether they can trust the other organisers to really make a difference and not waste their time.

    What if people had some way to know that the time they invest is going to be worthwhile?

    What if you had a way to help new organisers come on board and get up to speed on their responsibilities quickly? What if they knew what was expected of them, and they didn't have to worry whether they have missed an important deadline? What if they could learn how to do things correctly from all the previous people in the group, before they make a mistake? What if meetings could be short, sharp and focussed on only what needs to be discussed?

    The best way to achieve all these things is by making use of a committee management system - one that not only helps keep track of what is going on, but provides a structure to ensure that even new members know how things should continue to be run. Even when the Secretary of 5 years stands down, and nobody knows what date that paperwork has to be lodged with the tax office.

    • Keep track of the essential things you need to accomplish, and send reminders to make sure they get done in time - even if someone has a busy week at work and has forgotten about it.
    • Help members to see what their role entails, and how they need to go about it.
    • Provide a structure around meetings and committee responsibilities to make sure your committee is accountable and doing things correctly without wasting people's time.
    • Provide a historic archive of discussions and decisions so members can make informed decisions without making the mistakes of the past, or making the same decision again and again.

    Imagine how a tool like this will assist your organising committee:

    • Organisers will be relaxed and comfortable because they know exactly what they have to do, and know the other organisers can take over their responsibilities if they are sick or unavailable.
    • New members will be happy to lend their time as they know it won't be wasted on routine paperwork or dysfunctional meetings. They will be able to see what needs to be done, and will have a structure to guide how they undertake their duties.
    • Your committee will be able to work together easily to solve problems, or embark on new projects that will revitalise your community.
    • Everyone will be confident that the organisation is on a stable foundation, and will continue strongly in the future, even when they do eventually move on.

    At the end of the day, a committee management tool like this makes one of the hardest jobs easy - convincing a new member that they can actually take on a committee role, and then make it easy for them to do an awesome job and stay involved without burning themselves out.

    CommitteeManager is a comprehensive tool to help your committee keep doing great work for your community

    CommitteeManager was built from the ground up to provide structure for new and inexperienced committee members, whilst letting established and experienced members do their job efficiently and without hassle.

    We help to provide a structure around meetings, tasks and committee decisions to ensure the time you invest in your group is as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Stop fighting with Word templates and waiting for 12 copies of your agenda to print - instead, plan meetings collaboratively and have drafts and final copies sent out to everyone electronically with one click. Not only do you save on ink and paper costs, but you don't even need to keep your email address book up to date!

    Plus, we don't just provide tools to keep your committee organised, but also keep you organised, with all your notes, files, events and to-do items available everywhere you are online. Regardless of whether that's your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet (or a combination) - we will be ready to help you whenever (and wherever) you find time during the week.

    On your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and in your email

    We even provide ways to help your committee communicate and collaborate easily online so you can do away with phone trees, forget the fear of leaving people off bulk emails, and keep meeting in person just for those special occasions when it's really justified. (Cake is always a great justification.)

    We can't do anything about heating that community hall on a Monday night, but at least we can help make sure you actually have something important to talk about and get back home as quickly as possible.

    Start your free 60 day trial now and help your committee to keep doing amazing things for years to come